Covid Business News


Sadly, due to the latest government announcement our office will remain closed.

You can contact ourselves via email, but, these may take up to 5 days to reply due to staff shortages.
If your enquiry is urgent please send your name, a contact number, date of event and brief description
of your enquiry and we will reply with a date and time for a call back.
We want to assure you that ourselves and the hospitality industry are doing our upmost to return to what
we do best and enable your celebration to take place.
We will keep you all updated as the updates come in but please note more often than not we know when
you know and don’t get advised of anything individually.
We appreciate this is a really difficult and stressful time for everybody, with so many unknowns and no clear next steps.
This is a very difficult and stressful time for ourselves too and we will do our best to accommodate all clients and
try to ensure fairness and availability to each and every one of our customers.
We may all have to adapt to a new way and with each announcement we are trying to adapt and move forward with each requirement.
A lot of planning goes into organising your event and we are doing everything we possibly can behind
the scenes to ensure we make it as stress free as possible.
We have been inundated with emails asking the same or very similar questions.
A lot of the answers can be found in your booking contract or in the terms of booking
on our website but we thought it may be helpful if we summarise these for other clients.
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below and we will update these as we feel are relevant.
For further details on the current covid-19 restrictions and guidelines please click the link below:


What will happen to my event if it can’t go ahead?


Your booking contract should answer your particular reason for your event not going ahead.

If you can’t find the answers there please send an email and we will advise you of the next steps.


What will happen if I change my venue?

Depending on the location and access you may have an additional charge added to your booking to

cover transport and staff.

What will happen to my wedding if it can’t go ahead with the amount of guests I want to attend?

That will depend on your personal circumstances and what is most important to yourselves, the possibility of a ‘micro wedding’ i.e. celebrating on your chosen date with a reduced guest list and maybe having the bigger celebration when things go back to ‘normal’ OR waiting until you can have all your guests in attendance.

I’ve tried to ring but can’t get an answer:

Please email with your name, contact number, event date and a brief description of your enquiry and we will
arrange a suitable time for a call back.

I’ve been to the office but it’s all locked up…

Unfortunately, due to the lockdowns we are unable to open at the moment, this includes meeting with clients and viewings.
We can assure you though we are very much still here, just working from home.

Can I Postpone? 

Yes, please refer to your booking contract or terms of booking on the website.


When can I postpone? 

You can postpone whenever you feel it’s right for you but we are advising to wait until 2 months before your event,
which is a good indication of any restrictions/lockdowns that may be in place.

Will I have to pay more on top of my package if I postpone?

If you postpone due to forced closures and within the same financial year of your event, you will not incur an increased
percentage cost, but may incur an admin fee.
If you postpone due to forced closures and within the next financial year, you will only be liable for a small percentage
increase for a different financial year, this will cover the cost of inflation, staffing etc…
If you opt for a ‘Voluntary Postponement’ (postponing without knowing of any restrictions/closures that may be in place and just being cautious)
you will automatically fall in line for the package price of the financial year you are postponing too and the
package that is available, also, any additional admin charges. If you postpone to the same financial year
(under voluntary postponement) you will not incur a price increase on the same package (if available)
but will incur an admin charge.
 If it is your first postponement then the admin fee (new booking contract fee) is wavered.
If you have postponed more than once you will incur a £45 admin fee, which will cover the cost of a new booking contract.

Why do I have to pay increased charges when it’s not my fault I’ve had to postpone?

We have always tried to keep our costs as low as possible and in most cases we have only added a small percentage increase ,
which may not cover the cost of inflation, staffing etc.
We are trying to apply the minimal cost to customers regardless of the predicted tax and VAT increases over the coming year.
Normally, we can be quite flexible with increases and quite often offering things for free but hospitality has been hit
extremely hard during covid and many companies, including ours, have not traded since March 2019 therefore,
there is no surplus cash to apply these savings to yourself. We have fought hard to keep Ozzy James Events in a position
so that we can continue to supply for your special occasion and we are trying to be as flexible as possible.

What if I can’t get my preferred date if I have to postpone?

Unfortunately, if we don’t have any availability on your preferred date you will need to choose from one of the dates
we do have available. Depending on your circumstances this may include a move during Sunday – Thursday.
However, we will do all we can to accommodate your preferred date and will always offer a selection of dates.

Can I cancel my event and have a full refund?

If you cancel your event you will need to refer to the T & C’s of your booking contract.

I’ve postponed my wedding but I need to cancel now:

Sadly, some clients may wish to postpone an event in order to avoid paying cancellation fees but then cancel
at a later date to pay a smaller cancellation fee. In any case you need to refer to the T & C’s of your booking contract.