Ceremony Floral MoonFloral Moon Frame Backdrop

Our floral wedding moon backdrop has a diameter of 7ft and has been specially designed to serve as the perfect backdrop for weddings, baby showers, or parties.

A beautiful photo or backdrop feature, our moon arch is also able to be personalised with various names or designs giving your event a unique and personal touch.


The floral moon frame consists of a beautiful artificial flower arrangement, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

(weather permitting).


We have kept the floral arrangement to a selection of neutral colours, punctuated with palm leaves for an interesting twist,

but ready to fit with your wedding and be personalised to match.

_                                                                                           Perfect for weddings, it comes with or without our mirrored ‘Mr & Mrs’ sign, as well as in ‘Mr & Mr’ and ‘Mrs & Mrs’.

                                                                                              with added surnames for that personal touch



                                                                                                Although our floral moon arch has been extremely popular with weddings, this beautiful frame is suitable

                                                                                                for baby showers and corporate events, with personalisation options to make it truly unique!

_Ceremony Floral MoonWe can customise the mirrored or solid coloured letters with your baby’s name, birthday or company details for work events.

  Contact us today to discuss pricing and let us know about your requirements.



This stunning floral moon arch is available to most venues within the North West.

We transport the arch carefully in two halves and assemble it at your chosen location.

We can deliver and set up the frame before 10 am where possible, and collect it the following morning!



Every occasion and venue is different, so for availability and current prices please click the button below and send us as much detail                                                                                                as you can about your wedding, baby shower or event.


                                                                                             We can provide a bespoke and speedy quote for your hire of our floral moon frame,

                                                                                             and take some details if you’d like to take advantage of our personalisation options!

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