Table Centrepieces

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and a reflection of your unique style. The right table centerpieces can transform your reception into an elegant and enchanting space, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. At Ozzy James Events, we specialize in crafting exquisite wedding table centerpieces that add beauty, charm, and personality to your celebration.

Blossom Trees

Artificial blossom trees come in various styles from the budget range up to the premium range. Our trees are made to the highest standard available in the wedding and events business, in fact you can not tell the difference from a real tree to our artificial ones and this too will reflect on the decor of your celebration.

We stock various styles and sizes, ranging from 5ft  to 10ft

A full range of table trees can be found by clicking here


Cylinder vases

A great accompaniment to the trees, giving the room a mixture of heights. 3 various size vases sat on a mirrored plate or rustic log these centrepieces can have florals added to fit in with your theme. These vases can also be used for aisles and top tables. 

Peach Rose trees

Floral topped glasswear


Fish bowls

Manzietta Trees

Diamonte towers

Bell jars

Diamante Towers

Martini Glasses